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CZ 200 s Hunter

Ceska Zbrojovka 200 S Hunter

The CZ 200 S Hunter is based on time-proven the CZ 200 S model, the improvements of which are projected into this new model superseding the previous design in PCP rifles line. The fundamental change, visible at first sight is the new shape of the stock outfitted with cheekpiece. The stock is responding to the shooters requirements, be it for hunting purposes or those who prefer target shooting. This PCP rifle is made in 4,5 a 5,5 mm calibers having max. muzzle energy of 16J. New model again uses characteristically compact breech action. All users will certainly appreciate increased capacity of pressurised air cylinder enabling now to shoot 150 shots.

This new model as well as those previous ones can be characterised by outstanding accuracy, consistent velocity and minimum of felt recoil. When using a scope, the zeroing is held for an exceptionally long time. And with employment of five or ten shot magazines you will be soon addicted to this model.Typical features:Series CZ 200 PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) air rifles is a result of the close co-operation between Czech arms factory Ceska Zbrojovka and renown English air guns manufacturer Air Arms. These guns, involving a compact receiver with a fixed or removable compressed air reservoir, feature accurate, consistent and recoilless behavior that will be appreciated mainly by the wide spectrum of young and beginning shooters. The basic CZ 200 S versions are made in caliber .177”/4,5 mm or .22”/5,5 mm and can be used beside sporting also for pest control purposes (if allowed) as their muzzle energy can be set up to 16 Joule.The target style model CZ 200 T, made in caliber .177”/4,5 mm, is designed mainly for the training and basic competition shooting. Design of the air rifle complies with ISSF rules.







Calibre: 177, .22

Înălțime: 165 mm.
Lungimea totală: 907 mm.
Lungimea țevii: 485 mm.

Greutatea: apr. 2 800 g.

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