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CZ 550 Safari Classics II Matte finish

CZ 550 Safari Classics II Matte finish
CZ 550 Safari Classics II Hight-Gloss finish

CZ 550 Magnum Standard

CZ 550 Magnum Lux

CZ BRNO Express



CZ 527 Varmint MTR

CZ 527 Carbine synthetic

CZ 527 Thumbhole

CZ 527 Varmint Laminated

CZ 527 Varmint

CZ 527 Carbine

CZ 527 American

CZ 527 Lux LH

CZ 527 Lux

CZ 527 Exclusive Ebony

CZ 527 Night Sky Edition


CZ 557 Eclipse

CZ 557 Sunset Valley

CZ 557 Grey Valley

CZ 557 Green Valley

CZ 557 American

CZ 557 Varmint Laminated

CZ 557 Lux LH
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CZ 557 Varmint Synthetic

CZ 557 Lux SA

CZ 557 Lux II

CZ 557 Night Sky Edition

CZ 557 Varmint

CZ 557 Lux

CZ 557 Synthetic

CZ 557 Range Rifle


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CZ 550 Safari Classics II Matte finish

Plajă de calibre.: .300 H&H Mag. (10"), .375 H&H Mag. (12"), .404 JEFFERY (16,5"), .458 Lott (1:14), 416 Rigby (16,5")

Capacitatea mag.: 3,4,5
Greutate: 4 100 g.

Lungimea totală: 1 140 mm.

Lungimea țevii: 605 mm.


Česká zbrojovka a.s. brings a new generation of the SAFARI CLASSICS II. rifles to the market. They are intended for the highly demanding hunting of big game.
The SAFARI CLASSICS rifles, available in glossy and matt finishes, combine the expertise and knowledge of the cz brand with the benefits of individual handcraft.

The SAFARI CLASSICS rifles are intended for those who appreciate the high quality handcrafted workmanship, hi-tech anti-corrosion surface treatment, precise fit of the barrelled action in the premium Turkish walnut stock, integrated kickstop in the body of the stock for reducing recoil and the unique design which is the result of many years experience of the CZ brand and its individual approach to these exceptional models intended for exceptional customers. The matt finish model is characterized by an oil finished stock which emphasises the beautiful pattern of the premium walnut and a matt finish of the whole barrelled action achieved by an extremely durable and strong layer of DLC (diamond like carbon). The grip surfaces on the stock are decorated with 360° checkering. Due to the barrel being hand fitted, there are minimal clearances in the bolt operation.

Main advantages:

  • high-tech anticorrosion dlc finish
  • matte finish of the barrelled action
  • luxury oiled walnut stock with ebony details
  • express rear sight
  • glassbedding
  • bolt with minimal clearances due to hand fitting
  • silent operation of controls
  • single trigger
  • 360° checkering
  • kickstop built-in the stock to reduce recoil
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