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CZ 557 Varmint Synthetic

CZ 557 Eclipse

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CZ 557 American

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CZ 557 Varmint Synthetic

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CZ 557 Varmint

CZ 557 Lux

CZ 557 Synthetic

CZ 557 Range Rifle


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CZ 557 Varmint Synthetic

Plajă de calibre.: .243 Win. (10"), .308 Win. (10")

Capacitatea mag.: 10
Greutate: 4 000 g.

Lungimea totală: 1030 mm.

Lungimea țevii: 520 mm.

After a great reception of the CZ 557 VARMIN T, Česká zbrojovka a.s. is bringing you another highly accurate target and hunting special. The excellent properties of the VARMIN T are combined with the advantages of a modern polymer stock reinforced with glass fibre in soft-touch finish. In addition, the ambidextrous adjustable cheekpiece helps to achieve top shooting results.
In its basic configuration, the CZ 557 VARMINT SYNTHETIC has a lowered weaver rail and a removable magazine with an impressive capacity of 10 rounds. The trigger is adjustable for trigger pull and pull weight between 10 and 22 N. The user may also partially customize the controls thanks to the interchangeable ball end screwed on the bolt handle.

  • lowered weaver rail fitted to the receiver interchangeable with a 25 MOA rail
  • cold hammer forged 20" long barrel
  • target pattern muzzle end with M18x1 thread
  • polymer stock in soft-touch finish reinforced with glass fibre for a comfortable grip
  • removable metal 10-round magazine for cartridges up to 73 mm long
  • an interchangeable ball end on the bolt
  • trigger mechanism with an option to adjust the trigger pull and pull weight between 10 and 22 N
  • 1" rubber buttplate to reduce recoil
  • height adjustable cheekpiece
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