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CZ Slavia 630 Standard

CZ 630 Slavia Standard mini


  Arme cu aer comprimat.
Ceska Zbrojovka Slavia 630 Standard
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The Slavia 630 break-barrel air rifle is intended for leisure time activities and basic training in sport shooting. The air rifle features a rear sight adjustable for elevation and windage and the trigger is provided with an adjustable trigger pull. The automatic safety secures the air rifle against any accidental discharge during cocking. The stock is made of beech wood and is designed in ambidextrous configuration.  


Calibru: 4,5 mm.
Lungimea totală: 1 160 mm.
Lungimea țevii: 530 mm.
Înălțime: 195 mm.
Grosime: 40 mm.
Greutatea: apr. 3 000 g.

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